I Am Forgiven
by Cameron Stevens on April 12th, 2021
It's amazing to me when I think about the fact that I've been set free! No, I wasn't in jail. Rather, I've been set free from the bondage of sin. To some, this may seem odd. To those that do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they won't be able to understand the freedom that takes place when you surrender your life to Him.  Read More
I Love You Most!
by Cameron Stevens on April 5th, 2021
Whenever I would visit with my Nana, we always end our visit with the following exchange: Me: "I love you." Nana: "I love you more." Me: "I know you do, and I can't compete with that." There is something about those words that always resonates with me. No matter what I do or what I say, there is nothing that can make my Nana love me any less. Much like my relationship with my Heavenly Father.  Read More
Passionate Friday
by Cameron Stevens on March 29th, 2021
This year, April 2 represents Good Friday. The day that we commemorate Jesus Christ's death on the cross. One of the most gruesome, torturous punishments ever devised by man. Crucifixion rips the human body and mind to shreds. What it's really about is suffocation and humiliation.  Read More
Remember the Mustard Seed
by Cameron Stevens on March 22nd, 2021
If the disciples were here today, they would be amazed at the expansion of the kingdom of God thus far. They were witnesses to these words spoken by Jesus in the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. They would remember at that point, gospel expansion resided largely in Jerusalem, but it’s impact would begin to spread like a contagious (welcomed) virus.  Read More
Stewardship (Part 3)
by Cameron Stevens on March 15th, 2021
As a Christian, you have a responsibility to keep sin from your life and those close to you. We should be at a point in our faith that sin in our life and those we love is unacceptable! We serve an amazing God and the acceptance of anything that does not honor Him, including our relationships, can be considered enmity toward Him.  Read More
Stewardship (Part 2)
by Cameron Stevens on March 8th, 2021
At all times, in all places, we are called to be faithful...period. Are you reliable? Trustworthy? Constant? Are you steady in your allegiance to God Almighty? The most difficult aspect of being faithful is the connotation of time. To be consistent over a very long period of time (i.e. forever) is a daunting task.   Read More
Stewardship (Part 1)
by Cameron Stevens on March 1st, 2021
Stewardship is not a term many people use outside of the church, and when used, typically refers to taking care of your finances. Knowing it can refer to so much more, I wanted to dive in to this term, and through God's Word, see the different ways this can apply this to our lives.  Read More
Experiencing Silence
by Cameron Stevens on February 22nd, 2021
Is this a possibility in today's culture of noise? Can one truly experience a moment of silence? With social media/networking, "regular" media sources, sports, news, advertisements, movies, music, freeways, phones, and even those blasted chirping birds (just kidding, don't call the ASPCA), is there such a thing as silence? Even the simple act of reading as a relaxation method fills our minds with particular noise. I've been asked, "What is the most silence you've experienced?"   Read More
Bee Sting Praise
by Cameron Stevens on February 15th, 2021
About 8 years ago, we had some friends over to celebrate my son's birthday. It was an amazing day of food, fellowship, friends, and family... Once everyone left, it was fun to sit and watch my son play with his new toys. After we straightened up the house... and then we hear the scream that all parents fear. The type of scream that can not be described, but one that every parents can nod their head in agreement that they fear.  Read More
Marriage on Purpose (Part 2)
by Cameron Stevens on February 1st, 2021
A true biblical marriage is one that points others to Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for the church to bring us to unity, sanctification, and ultimate glory.   Read More
Marriage on Purpose (Part 1)
by Cameron Stevens on January 25th, 2021
Faith, Commitment, and Motivation. In short, marriage takes all three. It takes a tremendous amount of faith to entrust yourself to the same person for the rest of your life. What is it that motivates you to sacrifice day in and day out for this individual? How committed are you going to be when "the going gets tough"?  Read More
Slave to Freedom
by Cameron Stevens on January 18th, 2021
However, the greatest trait of Martin Luther King Jr. was his unwavering faith in the Lord. This was defined by staring in to the face of injustice and hatred. He stood immovable by strength received from his hope in the Lord. This is how we need to live our lives.  Read More